CrossFit JAK Elite – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

2 Rounds:

200m Run or 40 Dubs

30sec KB/DB Waiters Walk e/s

8 Dual KB/DB Hang Power Clean

5 Broad Jumps

10 Plank Climbers

*Mobs: Scorpion Stretch / Shoulder Stretch


A: Hang Power Clean (On the 2min for 10min )

2 reps, starting around 80% 1RM HPC and building from there to heavy but quality

B: Shoulder Press (1×7, then 3×11 @10% less)

1×7 @8.5RPE (should be approx same load as last week. Just adding one more rep. Adjust accordingly if yo went too heavy/light last week)

3×11 @ approx 10% less than top set (select a load that you can get 11 reps with about 8.5RPE)

C: Dips (Off boxes or bars)

3×6-11 @ same load as last week, adding one rep

Weighted if necessary

STRENGTH Minimal – Zero Equip

A) 1. Bicep Curl


A) 2. Skull Crushers


*Use any weighted object

B) 1. Bodyweight Row


*Use a broomstick between two solid objects like 2 tables or chairs and pull your body weight up to touch with chest

B) 2. Bicycle Sit-ups



Metcon (Time)

4 Rounds:

20 SA KB/DB Hang C&J 24/16kg (10R/10L)

200m Run

**straight onto

3 Rounds

20 DB Box Step-overs / or weighted Step-ups on chair/bench

25/20cal Bike/Ski or 75 Dubs
12min AMRAP


Burpee Box Jumps/Step-ups

Jump Squats

Plank Climbers