CrossFit JAK Elite – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

2 Rounds:

200m Run

12 Behind Neck Z Press

6 Dual KB Front Rack Lateral Box Step Overs

10 RDL

*mobs: Straddle Stretch + Tricep Box Stretch


A: Push Press (5×3 @7.5RPE)

**On the 2min for 10min

B: Deadlift

1×4 @7.5RPE

3×6 @7.5RPE (Roughly 85% of the above weight)

C: Upright Row (4×8 @7.5RPE)

D: Dips (4×8 @7RPE)

**Weighted if possible

STRENGTH Minimal – Zero Equip

EMOM 15min for quality and for reps

1. Dips in corner of kitchen bench or Bench Dips

2. Inchworms

3. Curtsey Step-ups (30sec right, 30sec left) or Single Leg Hamstring Bridge off a bench/couch (change legs at 30sec)


6 x 400m (6 Rounds for time)

6 x 400m with 2mins rest between reps

– time each rep

– the aim is for the 4th through 6th reps to be almost as quick as the first 3 reps

Tabata Jump Overs

Tabata Burpees To 6″ Target

Tabata Jumping Lunges

Tabata Burpees

Tabata Walking Lunges

Tabata = *8 Rounds 20sec on / 10sec Rest