CrossFit JAK Elite – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

2 Rounds:

20cal Bike or Row, building speed each 5 cal or 2min Dubs

5 H. Snatch Pull

5 H. Muscle Snatch

5 H. Snatch


*Mobs: OH Mobility on roller (thoracic, chest, shoulders) + Hip Flexor/Couch Stretch


A: Hang Snatch (Just below the knee)

Work up to a heavy set of 3, then

3×3 @90% of above triple

B: Power Clean + Pause Split Jerk

Pause in Dip and in Catch
2 Reps on the 90sec for 9min @70% 1RM PCPJ

Treat this as light moderate tech work

C: Front Squat

1×4 @7.5RPE (a comfortable load, 2-3 reps left in tank)

3×6 @ (Roughly 85% of the above weight)

STRENGTH Minimal – Zero Equip

A) 1. Goblet Cossack Squats

3x60sec Alt legs

A) 2. Single Leg Calf Raise on Step

3x30sec per leg

A) 3. Seated Single Leg Lifts

3×8-12 per side with pause at top

Core Complex:

3 Rounds, 40sec each position. No rest between positions. 2min rest between rounds.

Hollow Hold

Superman Hold

High Plank

Hight Side Plank

Pike Overs


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

13min AMRAP

100ft HS Walk

20 Bar Muscle Ups

30 Lateral Burpees over the DB

40 C2B

50 Single Arm DB Clusters

(5ft HS Walk = 1 rep)


AMRAP 13min

100ft HS Walk

20 Power Snatches 60/40kg

30 Lateral Burpees Over the bar

40 Single Arm DB Clusters

15min AMRAP

20 Walking Lunges

18 Mountain Climbers

16 V-snaps

14 Step-ups

12 Burpees