Get to know me: Besides the love of my family, partner Phil, two beautiful boys + little bambino on the way my other greatest love and passion is fitness. I was attending gyms from as early as 2yo, aerobics classes with my mum and always played sports growing up. When I became too cool for sports 😉 I always had a gym membership from high school days. My childhood was spent in beautiful Kiama, then after studying and working in Sydney city, many years to follow I realised that an office job was not cut out for me. My fitness career began in 2010 and I knew I was destined to continue doing what I love. After 4 years of group and personal training I discovered my passion for the sport of fitness – CrossFit. I’ve never looked back. Opening my CrossFit gym as a partnership for 6 years and now stepping out into my own variation of what I believe is going to be the greatest, most authentic, passionate, proven fitness facility in Wollongong – I’m absolutely ecstatic to kick off The Alley!! 

Nickname: Abs 

Training background: I grew up loving all sports, my focus was competitive netball and gymnastics. During my first couple of years as a PT my research into all types of fitness modes I was drawn to bodyweight training, sprinting and Olympic Lifting. I was so keen to learn these skills which lead me to discover CrossFit – a perfect mix of everything that drives me. I enjoyed the competitive side of CrossFit and since 2014 I haven’t missed a CrossFit Open. I did plenty of local comps with our amazing community. My decision to dedicate myself to an athlete program under Starr Strength was based on my desire to not only inspire my members but to better myself as a coach. I hit the Open hard and went from 14th in Aust in ’18’, 2nd in ’19’ and 1st in Aust/89th worldwide in 2020 (age group 35-39). In 2019 I competed in the Starr Strength Black team at the CrossFit Sanctionals, held in Wollongong – I loved every minute of the experience, I learnt so much about myself personally and as a coach which was always my intention for competing at a higher level. 

Guilty Pleasure: Nutella, I could eat it by the spoon full! A little binge on Bachy in paradise is another one I don’t often admit to. 

Favourite food? Mexican

Favourite holiday destination? Aussie – Byron BayO/s – I’d love to one day explore the Greek Isla

Favourite exercise? Snatch and Handstand Walking – I love being upside down!

Drink of choice? Red Wine 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? Care more about your customers then you do about the money you make from them and you will be successful!

What’s one thing about you that would surprise people to know? I can belly dance like a pro. My kids think it’s amazing 

Quote you live by? How you vibrate is what the universe echoes back to you in every moment.

Where will you be in 5 years? Developing coaches, managers, staff from all of my FA’s around NSW. Having more opportunity to spend quality time and go on holidays with my family.