We are a CrossFit affiliate and all of our coaches are Certified Level 1 and 2.

This program will have you learning and developing physical skills, increased work capacity, driven by data ~ measurable, observable and repeatable results!
All workouts are based on functional movements, and these movements reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more.  
We deliver the highest quality programming for peak performance. It’s about broad personal growth over an extended period of time – not just physically but all areas of life. 
Giving our members not only the opportunity to grow and succeed but also stepping stones to compete at a higher level of the sport of fitness. 

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT/Circuit)

These classes will focus on Strength Endurance, Explosive Power and Cardio Endurance. Our goal is to create an inclusive group based, all round strength and conditioning program that will allow any individual (all ages, genders & fitness levels) to continuously progress physically and mentally. 
The benefit to adding these sessions to our CrossFitter’s schedule would be to specifically increase their anaerobic threshold and create a larger base of fitness for those larger volume comp sessions. The focus for each session on a rotational basis will look like this: 
– Fat Burn &  Core 
– Cardio Endurance 
– EMOMs 
– Strength Stations 


Strength flow:
Strength flow is a traditional Vinyasa flow that incorporates the elements of breath, strength, core, balance and flexibility in a challenging, dynamic and playful sequence. One pose links to the next creating a seamless series of movements that promote strength of body, mind and soul. Strength flow will produce many benefits including improve posture and mobility, flexibility, increased core strength, improved spinal health and mobility just to name a few! The connection to breath through movement can produce many benefits for the athlete as we focus on how to breath properly and efficiently which ultimately leads to improved athletic performance and enhanced recovery.

Recovery flow:
Recovery flow focuses heavily on recovery through a varied range of techniques such as fascial release, yin yoga, flexibility training, mobility, breathing techniques and meditation. Recovery flow aims at rejuvenating the body by increasing and encouraging energy flow via the release of fascia and connective tissues. This practice is the perfect compliment to the athletes regime offering an opportunity to slow down, release tension as well as stress and calm the mind & body.